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Lavender Fields

What's in our soap

Soap is made by combining oils with a water-based lye solution. The lye (sodium hydroxide) reacts with the oil, breaking it down to form soap. This process is called saponification and has been used to make soap for 5,000 years. The saponification process is also what gives soap its properties of cutting through dirt and grease while also washing away in water.


The various base oils used in soap making, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter, give it certain characteristics like lathering, moisturizing, and hardness. Essential oils (lavender, jasmine) and natural additives (oatmeal, aloe vera) incorporated into the soap mixture provide fragrance and soothing qualities.


At KISS, we view our soap-making process just like cooking food—natural ingredients and simple recipes always produce the best results. Therefore, we carefully select our base oils, essential oils, and additives to craft gentle soaps with pleasing scents.


All our soaps are handmade in Boston, MA, USA.

Hi, I'm Gavriel

I'm 11 years old and love science and cooking. On a school field trip, my class visited a farm where they showed us how to make soap from goat milk. This hands-on experience inspired me to create my own soap and share it with others.

I asked my father, a chemist, for help. Together, we experimented with several soap recipes and mixtures and asked friends and family to try our products. From the very beginning, our motto was to "keep it simple," and that's where the name of our company comes from: Keep It Simple Soap - "KISS". We only use natural ingredients, such as base oils, essential oils, and water.

The soaps we sell are the recipes my family and friends like best. I hope that you enjoy my soaps as much as I enjoy making them.


                                                                - Gavriel Novik

Soap Bubbles
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